Black In Asheville



Premiering Online 2023

October 13, 2023 Asheville Community Theatre 7:30PM

October 2, 2023 UNC-Asheville 6:30PM

May 26, 2023 Black Wall Street 6PM

April 5, 2023 UNC-Asheville

February 18th, 2023 Black Wall Street

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Black In Asheville is a documentary that brings together Asheville residents and historians to recount Asheville’s Black history. A story that has to be preserved for generations yet to come. This film takes us back to the Antebellum Period and demonstrates in accurate fashion what life was like for slaves in Asheville. Further the film will explore the deplorable conditions of slaves during the Civil War and their transition to the Postbellum Period of Reconstruction, Jim Crow and Black Code Laws.

As slaves transitioned to freedmen after the Civil War, they continued to live a segregated existence filled with the violent threats designed to control free people assuring that they were kept controlled. This film shows how the establishment of churches and schools was vital to the progression of Black life. It is important to tell these stories that history intentionally omitted, so that future generations are made aware of the many important contributions. 

This film raises the question, “How much better off are Blacks today in a supposedly non-segregated Asheville and seeks to define where do we go from here?”